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With my photography, I aspire to create images expressing the Art and Beauty of God and the Presence of the Universal Soul in Nature and Culture and People of the World in its diversity. I also strive to express this Grand Beauty filling and underlying and animating the World around us in my poetry. My photography focuses on nature, butterflies, birds, flowers and travel. The main source of my inspiration is Sri Aurobindo's vision and poetry as well as my personal experiences on the spiritual path.

You may find photographs connected with myself and my activities here: RITAM

This world is God fulfilled in outwardness. …

All here bears witness to his secret might,

In all we feel his presence and his power.

A blaze of his sovereign glory is the sun,

A glory is the gold and glimmering moon,

A glory is his dream of purple sky.

A march of his greatness are the wheeling stars.

His laughter of beauty breaks out in green trees,

His moments of beauty triumph in a flower;

The blue sea's chant, the rivulet's wandering voice

Are murmurs falling from the Eternal's harp.

Sri Aurobindo. Savitri


O World, you’re God… you’re He… you’re I…

And all’s the Soul — Yours and mine…

And all’s the Soul, and all the whole

In You draws breath, seeks You the goal…

All’s You, One Self and Flesh of all —

For all’s One Life, One Love, One Soul…

Yes, all’s One Love, One Godhead-Soul!

Ritam. The World

Ritam is my spiritual name. It is a Vedic Sanskrit mantra meaning "dynamic Truth, Truth in action, creative Truth". My native Russian name is Dmitrii Melgunov. For a quarter of a century I have been studying the Integral Yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the national hero of India, the great spiritual Master, the world-renown thinker and writer and scolar, one of the greatest seer-poets of humanity. I also have been translating his poetry and prose into Russian during all this period. Around 30 books from Sri Aurobindo's legacy have been published up to date in my Russian translation. My main interest is translating his main creation, the mantric epic poem 'Savitri'. My poetry is born from the inspiration and mantric force of Sri Aurobindo's mystic poetry. As I described it in one of my poems,

Touching his heart with His mighty beam,

The Lord a poet awakened in him

And dropped so many a poem-star

From the distant heaven to his praying jar...

Mostly I write in Russian, but some poems come in English; I also often translate my best Russian poems into English. I am sorry for any imperfections in my English as it is not my native language after all :) You can find below each photo my poem dedicated to it and enriching its impression and expressing something of the soul of the subject, of its hidden subtler reality. You can also copy and print the poem along with the photo to bring you more beauty of this vision of the sublimer reality around us behind the outward facade of things.

I am very happy to share with you these creations of beauty, the gifts of the Universal Soul to all of us.

All the photographs presented on this site are available for sale at affordable rate. Prices are negotiable.

You can find here,

-Nature photos;

-Butterflies photos;

-Birds photos;

-Wildlife photos;

-Flower photos - especially photos of flowers with spiritual significance;

-Landscape photos;

-Photos of Seasons;

-Travel photos - photographs of culture and nature and landmarks and historical sites of different countries and cities;

-Aerial photos;

-Art photos and Art photography.

You can find more of my poetry on my literary site SAVITRI.SU

Please, feel free to contact me by email:


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